A little reminder 😊

When your smile no longer reflects the truth,
Your eyes no longer shine,
When your heart falls into bits,
And you don’t remember the good times.

When you just want to cry out,
With every little thing of your soul,
When you feel your skin just ripped off,
And there’s nothing left to hold.

I will be there for you, I swear,
I won’t let your face wear out.
I won’t let you lose yourself,
I will never let you doubt.

No matter how far you’ve gone,
And forgotten my hand to hold,
You will always find my arms to cry,
You’re more precious than gold!

I will never let you lose that smile,
You’re worthy of all the love and care.
Your light is like a thousand fireflies,
I promise, I will be there!

In life sometimes, we stumble and fall,
But don’t ever lose your mind.
Even though you forget that you’re not alone,
I’m always right behind!

I will be your mirror, remind you of your worth,
Your heart’s so kind, eyes so pure,
I know you more than you know yourself,
My love, my best friend, I’m always here!

Sunset glow ☺

With my feet in the sand and eyes to the sea,
Walking with the wind in my hair,
The beautiful sunset engulfs me in,
I can’t stop but wander there!

It fills my heart with music, my breath with peace,
To just watch the sun go down,
And the waves hit the shore a thousand times,
The sound in my ears, so profound!

The waters cover my feet as I walk,
I inhale the magical air,
Let it all sink in and feel every move,
Every moment is so rare!

Flashbacks of the past and all endured,
Slowly start playing in my mind,
It helps me feel so renewed, so calm,
A peace so hard to find!

When you’re all weary, so burderened down,
Give time for yourself to heal,
For, though the sun may go down on you today,
A new day would soon reveal!


He was locked in a cage made of gold,
He grew up in that little space.
He knew he had no where to go,
So he made it, his final place.

He dreamt about the sky, the wind,
And all that his eyes could see.
He saw other birds fly up and high,
He always hoped that it would be.

The other cages were rugged and old,
Where some of his friends would sleep.
They laughed and cried and all they had,
Was each other to share their grief.

One day, the lock of the cage was broken,
And he wondered where he wanted to be.
To be in the golden cage of his master,
Or to spread his wings and flee?

“I protected you” the master said,
“From all the harm outside,
From the rain, the wind and the snow,
You won’t have anywhere to hide!”

He chose to fly out and high,
And feel the wind beneath his wings.
He flew and flew, till a wing he tore,
But he felt there was so much life brings.

He saw the sky, the mountains, the sea,
The world didn’t seem enough.
He built himself a little nest,
Although the path he chose was rough.

He wished his master watched him fly,
And always be there to guide.
Yet, he soared while he found his purpose,
And so, there was nothing he needed to hide!

The maze!

The path is unknown, the walls are high,
Running through this maze I cannot see,
Wonder there must be a door somewhere,
To which, I have to find the key!

Looked to my right, a garden of roses,
And my eyes lit up right away,
In total awe of the beautiful sight,
Wished I had one for each day!

While I walk ahead and stroll and sway,
With a few roses in my hand,
The night approaches and it is dark,
I shiver while I stand!

The cold caved in, I couldn’t see,
I wished for some light,
I found a matchbox in my coat,
And I thanked God that night.

The match I burned gave light and warmth,
And I noticed something real,
The maze, the walls were made of straw,
The match burned down the whole deal!

Walls of hurt and guilt and shame,
Started to burn down,
I realised there was no door,
But the key was finally found!

LOVE, its the key!

I feel just tired of this world
And I need some place to lay down
I know you’re somewhere out there
But I dont know when you’d be found

You cross my mind a million times
You make my heart skip a beat
The only one thing that I wonder is..
Why don’t you and I meet?

You are all I ever desired
A feeling I so desperately need!
You have got me through all this pain
While no one else paid heed

Hope we come face to face
And that you’ll always remain
And help me climb another mountain,
And dance in the rain!!

You’re so far yet so close
My angel, my guide, my joy, my heart
Still I can’t find the perfect definition
You fill my life and set me apart

You’re more than the sky
Abundant and free
This feeling that I long for..
LOVE, its the key!

One for the road! 😊

Walk the road you’ve always feared to walk,
Face the truth, don’t just talk!
Living in an illusion, you’ve dimmed your glow
To put you down, many will come and go.

Many masks you change everyday
Many things you may not say
You may not be perfect, but you must be true
To yourself first and to others too

There’s just one life and it’s too short
Growing up too much we forgot
That true happiness is in the littlest things
Hate and anger no joy it brings

The one thing I’ve noticed too difficult to earn
No matter how hard you work or learn
If you can’t be humane, your existence is fake
Respect is something you will never make!

Your hypocrisy is not hidden, it shows its face
Fear God and always seek His grace
Be kind, be true and always spread love
Know that someone is watching you from above!

Stay Calm

Doesn’t sound realistic, right? Well, it is quite commonly observed that most of the wrong decisions we make and immediate negative reactions we express affects our lives in unpleasant ways. So let’s start logically analysing the need to stay calm:

Firstly, what do we mean by staying calm?

For me, it means allowing yourself the time to comprehend things. It also means to come to terms with your feelings and thoughts. It allows you to let your mind and heart come to stability after maybe a disruptive situation.

Why is it that I need to be calm?

We need to understand that it is for our own health, peace and well being that we need to stay calm. The truth is that no person in this whole world owes anyone kindness, patience, peace, goodness, etc. The attributes of a person is a completely individual decision. So staying calm is anyway going to benefit only you! So why not do it for yourself?!

How is it possible for me to stay calm?

First of all, listen to understand. Accept that there could be many perspectives and the other could have a better understanding. Think about the pros and cons and if you can’t do all this immediately or spontaneously.. Stay silent for the time being! Start by staying calm and being assertive and things will work for you.

Just an opinion 😊 No harm in trying right? 😁



I’ve been inspired by a few people who in their lives have found a way to be happy whilst getting through their struggles. While I’m still striving to get there, just thought I’d share a little of my thoughts on this word “Happiness”.

A lot of people we see are searching for happiness.. As simple as it sounds, everyone wants to be happy.

But what really gives us happiness?

The different thoughts that come across are maybe spending time with your loved ones or enjoying a movie with your friends, buying that dress I loved at the store, so many things we think make us happy.

Off lately, I’ve been realizing that the things that we think make us happy, is not what truly gets us that feeling of fulfilment. Well, the more we objectify happiness, the more time it takes for us to realize that it’s really not a true feeling.

Happiness does not come through another person or object. Whether it’s a car you buy, or a house you own, it does make you happy but not for the rest of your life. The common mistake we make is that we try to find happiness in another person so much so that we are dependent on that person to keep us happy.

Happiness comes from within! Happiness is when you find your trueself, when you discover the individual you are and live the life that you are supposed to be living which ultimately gives you the peace and satisfaction of living!! It is when you are self satisfied and true to your heart, you realise that no matter what the outside world is, this is what I am as an individual and this is what gives me peace. And when your soul and body is peaceful, you will never be unhappy. This is when you won’t depend on another person or you won’t go searching for it in another person. And you will always be happy!!

Well, now that was easy to say however I am still on my journey to getting there. When we are so stuck with our daily routines and our busy lives to always get the best and always be number one, we lose our purpose and lose our true selves in the bargain.

The important thing is.. Find yourself and find what gives your soul peace!